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Adrenal Studies and Testing

You have two adrenal glands which are located on top of each kidney. One of the primary functions of your adrenal glands is to counter stress by producing several different hormones. What is important to note is that every type of stress causes these glands to produce the same stress hormones. Stress can be from an injury, infection, marital, financial, job-related, drugs and medication, surgery, illnesses, junk foods, sedentary lifestyles, and more.

When your adrenal glands aren’t functioning correctly, then your resistance to stress becomes low. Also associated with adrenal gland malfunction is weight gain, poor sleep and many other problems.

Adrenal gland testing for fatigue and stress

How the Adrenal Study is done

The adrenal study is done by taking 4 saliva samples at set times over the course of one day. The test times are morning, noon, late afternoon, and bedtime. This study is done at home so it is very easy to collect.

When the lab test results come back, then we can determine if your adrenal glands are functioning properly or not. We can determine if they are over-producing or under-producing the vital stress hormones. Based on this information, we can then use natural approaches to provide the support the adrenal glands need to return to proper health and function.

Symptoms that may require an Adrenal Study:

  • Weight gain mostly in the midsection
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Buffalo hump (fat pad) at upper back and lower neck
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain and/or inflammation that doesn’t resolve
  • Crave salt, chocolate, sugar and cheese (especially at night)
  • Dark circle around eyes
  • Difficulty getting out of the bed in the morning
  • Facial hair in females

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