Weight Loss*Food Cravings

I read the advertisement for Multi-Care Holistic Health in one of the local news papers.  As they discussed my particular body shape I was able to identify with several of the symptoms that were described.  At that time I did not know anything about HCG but was happy that someone would address my health issues that my traditional physicians would not address.

I went in the office hoping that my health and weight issues would be addressed and was very satisfied with the results.  Within a period of 2 months I dropped 21 pounds but could have been more if I would have behaved.  I am in more control of what I eat and I like that.  My body has little to no cravings for junk food which I believe helps me to think more clearly.  I love this new feeling!!  I am in control.

I would like to thank everyone at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center for their friendliness and professionalism.

Yours truly,

Y. Becky Colquitt