My name is Sydney Butler and I came to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center primarily for help in getting off of my Thyroid medication. I had been taking it since I was about eight years old.  Over the years, I had been back and forth between Levothyroxine and Synthroid, always experiencing some type of side effect from taking them.  Some of the side effects I experienced were periodic hair loss, rapid weight gain for no apparent reason, intolerance to cold or hot temperatures, heart palpations, tremors, and weakness throughout my body. There are no words to explain how terrible I felt most of the time.

When I came to Multi-Care, I knew instantly that I was at the place God sent me to. The staff is not just courteous and friendly, they are genuine in their expressions. I can truly say that they played great part in my enthusiasm to coming to the Center.  Dr. Johnson and Ms. Jones are very knowledgeable about the field of holistic medicine, and very thorough in interpreting test results in layman terms. I have been thoroughly assessed in many areas of my body, and am pleased to have had tests that are aimed at promoting health awareness and prevention.  My chances of being surprised about an illness in my body may be very slim because of the holistic approach Multi-Care takes in preventative care.  I am very happy to be affiliated with this medical facility.

On January 3, 2012, I visited my Primary Care doctor to show him the results that I received from Multi-Care regarding my thyroid. The results indicated that I had been receiving too much thyroid medication. I told my doctor that since receiving the report from Multi-Care that I had taken matters in my own hands, and had resorted to only taking the medicine every other day. My doctor insisted on checking my thyroid levels to see if they were adequate.  Two weeks passed and I had not heard from my doctor. I began making calls to get the results and after days of trying to reach him, he finally called me to say that my test results showed that I was still getting too much medication, even after reducing it to every other day, and that I should stop taking it altogether. He then had a change of heart and said that he was going to put me on the lowest dosage for six weeks and then re-check it to see if there was a need for me to take it anymore.

After taking this medicine all of my life, I am on the road to being taken off of it, because of the efforts of the staff at Multi-Care. I am ecstatic about the results I have gotten, and what Multi-Care has done in helping me on the road to health and wholeness. In addition to what was mentioned above, I have lost 30 pounds. To God be the glory!


Sydney Butler