No Energy*Sleep Issues*Thyroid Problem*Swollen Ankles

Let me say that I was somewhat skeptical at first and my husband more so when I started this program about 5 months ago. Well, not any longer. I was hoping to feel better, but it has truly been amazing. Just making it from one day to the next was the best I could do. Since working with Dr. Dave, the changes have been amazing. Previously I had little or no energy did not sleep well, I was out of breath just climbing a set of stairs, had increasing problems with asthma, ankles would swell three times their size, and I was getting worse. I craved sweets and could not seem to control my addiction to food. Despite being on medication for hypothyroidism with levels that were “normal”, I still had to crash every weekend so I could make it back to work on Monday. Wow! What a difference now. I now sleep better and deeper. I actually feel refreshed in the morning! I no longer crave food and I can look at sweets and pass them by. My ankles are back, I can see them again! My overall energy level is so much better. Even after a long, hard day I can still buy groceries, run errands and function normally. I have been off of any thyroid medication for six weeks and feel better than I ever did while taking it for six years. There are many other changes as well. I will just say my husband has reaped many benefits from renewed energy. The romance is back. This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have my first grandchild on the way and thanks to Multi-Care Holistic it looks like I might have the energy to enjoy her or him.

Pat Barton