My family doctor said I don’t need the medicine anymore!

My name is Marietta and I have am a patient at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center.  I have tried everything you can think of to lose weight.  My previous doctor found that my thyroid was a little low, but the medicines still didn’t give me the energy I needed and it didn’t help me lose weight.  He suggested that I eat less and exercise more.  I felt so exhausted all the time, and the lack of energy made me feel like I was always in a fog.  I was always sleepy, even though I slept almost 9 hours per night, and I found myself yawning all the time.  My heart would pound if I only walked up one flight of stairs.  Nothing seemed to be working.

I went to Multi-Care and everything Dr Johnson said made sense.  He explained why I started gaining weight after menopause and why nothing I tried worked.  Once they verified what was going with my body, I started the cleanse and supplements.  I started really losing weight.  I lost 20lbs in the first 2 months and have been losing steadily since then.  I have lost 28lbs total and have so much more energy.  I now feel like my old self and I am exercising again.  When I went for my recent physical at my regular MD’s office, he and I were so pleased that my blood pressure and cholesterol were significantly reduced.  I no longer take medications for acid reflux, thyroid, and cholesterol and my blood pressure medications have been reduced.  I still haven’t reached my weight loss goals, but Dr Dave is helping me get there.


Marietta Burgess