Weight*Low Energy*Needed Afternoon Naps

Since I started the total health program in February I not only have lost 28lbs, I have lost inches – lots of them. My energy level has increased so much until it is as if I am in my 30’s again instead of 59 years old.

I actually feel like doing the things I love doing; working in my yard and keeping my house up. I feel surer of myself again and must be doing something just about all the time. My husband says it is great to have his wife back again, even though when he wants to quit doing something I want to keep going!

I have gone back to work, and before I could hardly drag myself out of bed and when I did I had to lay back down and take a 2 or 3 hour nap. Well, I don’t nap anymore. I actually wake up early around 6am and I’m ready for whatever my day has to offer.

I personally would recommend this program for any one at any age. I can promise you will not only feel fantastic but people will notice the difference in you because you just truly radiate.


Lenore Bodiford