Well, here’s my story:

My name is Kimberly Duprey, and I am a 35 year old mother of three wonderful and active children.  I came to Multi-Care Health Center in hope to discover why I was having multiple health problems after being told everything was fine by my family physician.  I constantly struggled for years with losing weight, lacking energy (for simple day-to-day activities), constipation, lack of sleep and heavy menstrual periods.

I had seen several doctors prior to visiting Multi-Care Health Center, simply to be told I can write you a prescription for pain and everything else looks fine.  I knew in my heart something had to be wrong and decided to take action to find out.  I called Multi-Care after seeing their ad in the Savvy Shopper and decided to attend the free seminar they offered in February which changed my life.  I was educated on so much during the session about my body and how it works, that I knew I had finally found the right place.  I was so excited to know there was help for me and I didn’t have to suffer anymore.

I met with the staff the following week to discuss a plan that was created for me to get my body repaired and functioning properly.  After meeting with Dr Johnson and the other medical staff team, I was excited to start the new detailed program designed specifically for me.  I honestly did not know what to expect, but had great faith in Dr Johnson and his staff.

After only 3.5 short weeks, my family, friends, classmates and myself have noticed a HUGE change!!  I have lost 18 pounds (and am still losing!), I have tons of energy (outlasting my kids playing), I no longer suffer from constipation, sleep throughout the night, and my menstrual periods are lighter and shorter with NO pain!  I still find myself crying tears of joy because I can’t believe I suffered for so long, and now I’m able to enjoy life in a normal way.  I attend my weekly scheduled appointments in which they discuss my progress in detail, and provide encouragement and assistant when I need it.

I can’t say thank you enough to Multi-Care Health Center for giving my children their vibrant mother back and for giving me a second chance at life!


God Bless you all,

K. Duprey