Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.55.33 PMMy name is Judy Norton and this is my story:

I am 56 years old. All my life I have struggled with being overweight, extremely. At this point in my life I was starting to feel tired, getting out of bed was a chore. 8 months ago I found a paper from Multi-Care Holistic Health Center; I put it on the counter in the kitchen. My husband asked several times if I was going to check into this program. You see he was getting concerned about my health. I was borderline diabetic and doctors wanted to put me on high blood pressure medicine and I wasn’t ready to be old and be in a rocking chair. So I got up one morning and made the call.

When I started the program I also started talking to God. I told him that I couldn’t do this alone that I needed his help. I weighed 232 lbs. I began this program with the help of my savior and some awesome people at Multi-Care. With this wonderful knowledge they have and a lot of praying I have lost 102 lbs. in 8 months. I could have never have done this without the help of these people and the lord above. My life has changed. People look at me different. People talk to me different and most of all I have a deeper relationship with God.

Thank you doctors and staff of Multi-Care, you rock my world! Thank you God for leading me here! I hope this will inspire others to seek this kind of natural help.

Love always,