Tired*Grouchy*Low Energy*

Hi, my name is Denitha I’Fill-Cummins and I am a patient at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center. Before I started coming I was always tired and grouchy…….definitely not a people person. It seemed that I was always looking for ways to improve my health. Taking medications was just a quick fix and would only mask the symptoms, but the problems were still there in the end. I saw the flier in the mail but it took a while before I decided to make an appointment. I was very skeptical, but I discussed it with my husband who agreed I should give it a try. Now I feel more relaxed, have more energy, medications are reduced and best of all I can sleep better which helps me begin each morning refreshed. Even my family has noticed the changes and they love it. In my work place I am not as grouchy anymore and I am open to more suggestions. I am not as stressed out over insignificant things. Instead, my mind is more settled and I feel happier.

Denitha I’Fill-Cummins