Severe pain, High Blood Pressure and Sleeplessness

My name is Dawn Nation-Wilson and I am 52 years old. I have been a patient at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center for the past 6 weeks. I am experiencing excellent results from the treatment I am receiving.

I was experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder, very low energy, tiredness, feeling very stressed, sleeplessness and high blood pressure. My husband diligently and loyally assisted me with dressing for a period of time because I was unable to do it for myself because of the pain in my shoulder. After attending a free workshop at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center I decided to schedule a consultation and exam. After Dr. Johnson explained the report of the exam to me and my husband we decided that it was a good idea for me to do the program.

After taking the Ultra Clear Shake Program for a 6 week detoxification and nutritional feeding, I have experienced a great difference in my body. The very first evening I started the treatment and supplements the pain in my shoulder was healed. After just 6 weeks I am sleeping better, I have lost 14 pounds, from 198 to 184, I no longer have joint pain and my blood pressure is down from 160/90 to 138/80.

I must also thank Dr. Johnson, Dr. Williams and their assistants for providing such excellent care and service to me. I have also heard other patients talking about the excellent care and service they have received from the staff in general at Multi-Care Holistic Health center.

Last week I was experiencing excruciating pain in my right arm and neck which caused me to have difficulty moving my fingers. After I explained the problem to Dr. Williams he asked his assistant to give me an EMS (electric muscle stimulation treatment). Immediately after the treatment the pain in my neck and arm was gone and I am able to use my fingers with no restrictions.

Today, because of the treatments and supplements I took, my energy level is up, blood pressure is down, stress level is definitely lower, pain is gone from joints and I am no longer taking pharmaceutical drugs for pain.  Thank God that I received hope from the flyer that I received in my mailbox when I was feeling very exhausted and all that I could do was pray.

I am thanking God for you all. I am feeling healthier in body and mind and I am also feeling very excited and committed to the natural health improvement program. I do feel very blessed, and I am definitely introducing the program to my friends in hope that they will also try the program. I would like to encourage the staff at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center to keep up the extraordinary work in helping people to enjoy and experiencing a more holistic life. Thank you.


Dawn Nation-Wilson