Hi my name is Danita Lockett and I am a patient at Multi-Care. The reason I started coming here was because I wasn’t sleeping at night. I was waking up every night around 2:38 or 3:48.So I didn’t ever feel energetic because I wasn’t sleeping at night always wanting to take naps. I also had this belly fat that just wouldn’t go away no matter what diet I went on. I always needed coffee, tea and sugar, because I was having horrible sugar cravings. I was eating sugar after every meal and even in between meals because the cravings never went away and I thought to myself this is insane. I am 51 years old and I do not want to have all the health concerns my mother had. So I am always looking for ways to be healthier. So one day I received a brochure in the mail with all these body types on it and I saw that my body looked like one of them. So I came in for the workshop and all the symptoms I was having he went through. He explained to me that I am this way based on the endocrine system and it all made sense to me because God made this body and it knows what it needs. So the environment and substances that are going in my body make my body not respond like it should, so it’s a matter of getting the body healthy.

I came in for the initial exam and was tested and they found I have issues with my pancreas. They gave me my supplements and I have now only been on them for 10 days. Now I have no sugar cravings, I can even see sweets and not even want it. My stomach has gone down, I haven’t had a migraine, I feel more alert, I don’t need naps anymore, my clothes are fitting better and all this is just from taking my supplements. My friends are asking “What are you doing? We notice a change in you!”  My husband has been watching me closely because he has issues and wants to know what I am doing and what am I taking.  Today was my first day of pressure treatment and when they were done I had a feeling of a natural high. I am so eager to come and receive my treatments and see all that this is going to do for me all the way through. I highly recommend being evaluated and receiving the recommended treatments. It is worth every dollar spent!!