February 7, 2011, my 12 year daughter and I were in a major car accident that shut down 20 East/West and 75/85 South. I broke my neck and coccyx and had chest and hip contusions and injury to my left leg. Physically injured and mentally traumatized, I had to try to ignore the pain and focus on my daughter who had head injury and a broken neck and who laid unconscious for 2 days. In constant pain and prayer, I prayed that my Lord give me her pain and that he remove her mind from the state unconsciousness. Yes, she did regain consciousness.

We both had much recovery, doctor’s appointments, and chiropractic session. Youth prevailed, my daughter’s recovery was progressing and my recovery was slow and painful.

Prior to the accident, I was active and on the go daily and involved in various activities. During my recovery I struggled with walking, standing and sitting for long periods, resting, exhausted regularly, overwhelmed with my physical adjustments. I had gained much weight and felt unhealthy and dinning out more, because cooking was physically taxing.

Seven months into my recovery, I was in the snack bar at my place of employment and saw a co-worker that I know personally. She was smaller in size and her skin was gorgeous. Since, I believe in herbs and supplements, I knew that the beauty of her skin could only come from internal healing, which means a way of life dietary change. I complimented her on her skin and healthy countenance and asked her what she was she doing. She explained that she was seeing a doctor at a holistic center and she would email me the information.

I received the email in September, but did not schedule an appointment until January. My delay was the distance. I reside in Atlanta and the holistic center is in Rockdale County. Since my coccyx was still healing the distance of the drive would be too uncomfortable. I had to sit and stand every 20 minutes at the max, so I waited until I had more recovery. I kept how my co-worker looked in my mind and the holistic center my goal.

January, 2012, I called and scheduled an appointment for my daughter and me. My daughter was healthy, but I was not only recovering physically and emotionally, but my health was not the best. I agreed to have the necessary lab tests completed to determine the true status of my health. I needed to know the truth. I was tired of feeling miserable.

The examination and labs revealed I had high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure, my adrenaline glands were imbalanced, body retained fluid, weighed 194 pounds at a height of 5’2, thyroid goiters, bowel concerns, and poor diet.

I strictly followed the directions of my doctors and weight management consultant. I decided to try the HCG Diet, stopped eating fried foods, chips, trips to restaurants, learned portion control and food combining, and took the prescribed supplements daily for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pain, bowel, headaches and thyroid goiters.

The HCG Diet is recommended 21 days at time. I decided to do 42 days straight. I came to the holistic center in a state of recovery from my car accident, but ended up in recovery from bad habits that I had developed out of convenience for my situation caused by the car accident. I have lost a total of 31 pounds and I have an accomplish-able goal of losing 30 more. I feel great and look awesome. I am glad I stepped out on faith and chose to take care of me. I am still amazed and in awe at how I feel.

I was wearing a size 14, now I wear size 10. Soon I will be wearing size 6. I am still physically and emotionally recovering, but I have started doing light workouts.

Come join me and rediscover the old you with a new look and feel.

Truly Blessed,

D. Momon