Sleep Issues, Digestion Issues, Fatigue, Over Weight


My name is Carol Gilley and I am 48 yrs. old.  I have been having health issues for about 10 to 15 yrs.  I thought I was ok and dealt with things myself. Life stresses along with bad eating habits,  waking up several times a night, waking tired, fatigued, heart burn with everything I ate, just got to be too much to deal with.

My husband showed me a flyer from Multi-Care and I pushed it aside saying I don’t need this,  I can do it on my own and any way I don’t have the time. About 6 months later he gave me another flyer and told me to make time.  I am glad he was persistent.  I have been coming here to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center now for 3 months and I feel GREAT.  I am sleeping through the night, feel refreshed in the morning.  I have the energy I did when I was 30 yrs. old.  No more heart burn and have lost 39 pounds.  I am learning better eating habits and can go all day without caffeine.  I have a long way to go but I feel confident that with there help and determination I will succeed.

I am here to tell everyone “Don’t put it off until you think you have time, invest in yourself.  You are worth it.”


Thank You Multi-Care

Carol Gilley