Lack of Energy*Sleep Issues*Breathing Troubles*Weight Loss*Edema

Since I have been coming to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center I have started the 21 day detox program.  I have become more energetic and have lost a significant amount of weight.

With my doctors’ approval, I have stopped taking Prilosec for gastric reflux, which I had suffered with for the past several years.  My meds have also been decreased for HTN, asthma and leg pain.

I have lost 10 lbs and I now sleep 6 to 7 hours a night instead of 3 to 4.  I no longer crave sweets or carbs.  My breathing has improved and I can feel a difference when climbing stairs.  I also have normal bowel and urine pattern and can eat fish and protein with no urinary track infections. I have no edema in my ankles and more energy when exercising and walking.

My overall experience since I have been on this program has exceeded all my expectations.  I came in as an unbeliever but I have been reformed.

I am a Critical Care RN and am now a true believer in Alternative Medicine.

Beverly Burden