Obesity*High Blood Pressure

I came to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center searching for a solution to my various health problems.  I was diagnosed by my medical doctor with obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis and have had those conditions for about 5 years.  I tried various medications that only seem to make the problem worse.  I even ended up in the hospital because of a side effect of a medication I was taking for the high blood pressure.

I came to Multi-Care for an initial assessment and I decided to try the treatment program that was offered to me and today I have no regrets about my decision.  My overall health has improved so much that I feel like a 25 year old.  I have stopped taking my medications, and I’m maintaining normal blood pressure readings.  I have also lost about 20lbs.  I have learned a lot about nutrition, and how my hormones affect my total health.

Today I am full of energy and will continue to work with the doctors and staff at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center to achieve maximum health.


Thank you doctors.


Bertley Bernard