Less than a year ago, I began treatment for my adrenals. I had reached the point where I couldn’t function because of extreme exhaustion. When I performed normal household chores, like vacuuming, I would hurt so much the next day. I couldn’t focus or remember – I was in constant brain fog. I was battling depression and nervousness. After being on Multi-Care’s program and starting supplements I felt like a different person. I would try to lay down for a nap and had so much energy I would have to get up. For someone who took 3 naps a day plus 8 hours at night, this was a miracle. I lost 10lbs last fall and have kept it off by eliminating certain foods that I had eaten my whole life. I am a different person than I was a year ago, and I have been educated so that I know how to continue to live this way.


Amy Clack