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Pollen Problems!

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After a lengthy intermission due to a harsh and insufferable autumn and winter, trees are officially back in full bloom. If you can’t tell from the vivid foliage sprouting from nearby shrubs and saplings, you will definitely feel the captivation of springtime when you approach your yellow car, parked on your yellow driveway, in your newly painted yellow neighborhood. Yes, pollen has returned and if you aren’t already equipped with face masks, air filters, over the counter or homeopathic remedies and a few dollars for a daily trip to the car wash, you may be left asking, “Why me… Why now?”

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. As long as trees and grass grow on this green earth, depending on your location, you can expect pollen to make an appearance close to the same time every year, which means spring allergies are more than preventable if you are preemptive in your defense.

Pollen normally appears in the early spring months; however, depending on your location and climate, it could occur much earlier or later than this. In order to limit pollen exposure, it would be a great thing to know exactly how much pollen you are dealing with. Pollen forecasts are as essential to knowing which days you’ll need to be on hard defense against this yellow tyrant. Luckily, pulling your shirt over your head isn’t your only line of defense. If you are weary of the chemistry behind many popular over the counter medications, there are many homeopathic remedies that are natural and very effective against spring allergies.

A little known fact is that bee pollen is among the best remedies for pollen allergies. It works much the same as the hypothesis that exposing your child to germs at a young age is of vital importance for developing a healthy immune system. After confirming that you’re not anaphylactic or allergic to bees, start taking bee pollen just before allergy season and work your way up slowly to a larger dose. This will help ensure your sinuses don’t take a beating when pollen season gets here.

A surprisingly obvious and overlooked tip is the importance of making sure your home’s ventilation system stays clean during allergy season. Being aggressive about keeping pollen particles out of your air ways is half the battle. Cleaning your pets and house more frequently is another small step that makes a huge difference. Allergens settle on furniture, floor and other home surface where they can easily be overlooked.

Be sure to visit Multi-Care Holistic Health Center today to get yourself an allergy test and find out once and for all if you will be having to send fluffy back to Aunt Catherine (our condolences), or if you can unpack those cat trees and happily find your perfect organic remedy that will have your sinuses laughing in the face of your amarillo enemy.


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