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Low Libido Ahead? Get A Boost!

Low sexual desire in women is a real condition that exists among many women ages 35- 55. There are a few options on the pharmaceutical market for women suffering from low libido. From patches to pills there are products everywhere claiming to give women a more gratifying sex life. Sounds great, right? Maybe. What are the trade-offs for a better sex with these meds? Let’s see, many drugs have less desirable side effects such as: unwanted hair that grows on the face and chest. Another major side-effect concern: the possibility of increased breast cancer. Whoa! Sounding like the trade-off may not be worth it.

Are drugs the only way to treat low libido in women? Hmmm. After all, low sex drive is not a sickness. Low libido can stem from physical issues such as: alcoholism, childbirth, and anaemia. There are also psychological issues that can cause low sex drive such as: stress from work, depression, and anxiety. Let’s explore some holistic alternatives that could boost sexual desire without any nasty side effects.

1. Relax.  Stress increases the stress hormone cortisol, which causes testosterone to plummet. Take 15-30 minutes a day, for  reading, yoga, enjoying music, bubble baths, or hanging with a good friend.

2. Exercise. Workouts that get the blood pumping like swimming or spinning cause blood to flow to sex organs causing a boost to your mood.  Pumping up “feel good” brain chemicals called endorphins, can leave you feeling sexier. Just remember don’t over do your workout :-).

3. Take supplements. Ginkgo biloba has been used to treat sexual dysfunction. It’s relatively safe (just don’t take it if you’re on a blood thinner), and the placebo effect may be enough to put you in the mood. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) could be useful, since it’s critical for the in the adrenal glands.

4.Take In Smells. Studies show that women find certain scents attractive. Interestingly, the findings show women are attracted musky odors, resembling that of a sweaty man. To each their own :-).

Incorporating these 4 steps into your lifestyle, could get that libido going and improve your sex life. For information on hormonal testing and treatments, call or stop by our office to schedule an appointment.


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