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Fa La La La…’Tis The Season For Stress

Ahhhh…the holidays! The shopping, the food, family & friends. Bright lights & delightful melodies! Joyful times…right? Many times these joyful times soon turn into stressful times. The holidays can be hectic. There never seems to be enough time to get things done. Stress over money & finding the perfect gift. Could the stress of the holidays affect your health? YES. Stress can make you feel tired, restless, and you may start have difficulty concentrating or making decisions. Excessive stress could cause your body to suffer from Adrenal Burnout.

What causes adrenal burnout? An important contribution is excess stress, which can come from multiple sources. Physical sources of stress include pain, arthritis, injury, and surgeries. Chemical sources of stress which affect include chemical toxins from the environment affecting our water, food and air. Chemical stress also includes nutritional deficiencies that are created from the dietary intake of excess sugar. Nutritional deficiencies can also be created from the dietary intake of excess sugars, carbohydrates and other stimulants. Some suggest that the synthetic hormones that come to us by way of animal products, drugs or even certain foods, may influence the hormone control systems. Mental and emotional stresses offer their contributions as well.

Below are a few symptoms experienced by a sluggish adrenal:
Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning
Feel out of breath when walking up stairs
Chronic fatigue not relieved by sleep
Tired all the time
Need for coffee or stimulants to wake up
Fluid retention, yet dehydrated (thirsty)
Craving salty foods
Dizzy when getting up too quickly
Decreased sex drive
Decreased ability to handle stress
Increased PMS
Symptoms increased if meals are skipped or are inadequate
Mental thought process more fuzzy, thoughts less focused

What can I do to reduce stress:
Sleeping until 9 a.m. as often as possible
Minimizing stress
Taking negative people out of your life
Eating regular meals
Doing something fun each day
Combining unrefined carbohydrates with protein and oils
Avoiding junk food
Taking calcium and magnesium supplements

Lifestyle changes can be helpful in reducing stress, and adrenal support can also be addressed through nutrition. Multi-Care Holistic Health Center offers treatment & nutrition plans targeted for the endocrine system, cardiovascular health, mood, and cellular. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about hormones and how to manage stress for better health.

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