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Lose Weight, Get Healthy, And Prevent Disease
And insurance covers it at 100%

Most patients don’t realize that there are several tests, screenings, and counseling that health insuranceis required to cover at 100%. Part of the new health care law requires that providers perform these on their patients.

We invite you to fill out the information to see what you qualify for.

For example, if you are obese, the new health care law requires that dietary counseling and coaching be performed to help you lose weight. This is a service we provide for our patients – and your insurance company covers it at 100%. No cost to you.

Also, there are several health screenings that can be performed to see if you are at risk for a particular disease. If you are, then tests can be done to see if you are at risk. These tests are also covered at 100%. Examples (depending on your sex, age, smoker etc). Are you at risk for:
– Diabetes?
– Heart disease?
– Peripheral artery disease and cardiovascular disease?

For more information, call our office (770) 922-2556 to see what services you would be entitled to receive at no cost to you.

We are here to help you reach your healthcare goals.

To see what service for which you qualify at no charge, click here.